Eve (kiandra_fire) wrote in susan_cooper,

I've found some hi-res stills from the movie, as well as some interviews with the cast and other things.

Ian McShane (Merriman) Speaks! Highlights include how he didn't read the books because they were too dense, how the mace is Merriman's favorite weapon, and how Will has a twin that has been imprisoned by the Dark. Because saving humanity and the world as we know it isn't enough to get audiences out of their seats, you have to give the Mary Sues extra material ("But tho Will had totaly saved his bro from the Dark, he had sleft behind his sivler-eyed, blue-haired sister, but she was cool and was like, 'I'll defeat the Dark single-handedly for you anyway, bro.'")

Questions about the Dark Is Rising Will religion have a say in the movie's interpretation (i.e., will many — if not all — of the Pagan references be lost)?

The Movie Tie-in Edition of The Dark Is Rising
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