sara_ane (sara_ane) wrote in susan_cooper,

New book club!

Give me your overlooked, your long forgotten, and your dog eared. We will take care of them, discuss them, write about them and love them. How many times have you read a wonderful book, wished to discuss it or even find other works about it (fanfiction) and not been able to because the masses are not interested? This is the place for you then!
We will primarily focus on older fantasy and science fiction books or more modern books that have simply been overlooked by most people in favor of a skinny magical guy with glasses. There will be a book voted on by the members of the group, discussion of that book, and the file archives will be a place to post your creative works focusing on any literary masterpiece, whether we have discussed that book or not.
This will also be (eventually) a haven for links of all things rare and literary. We will allow more popular links also. Being the founder and moderator I am electing the book Treasure Island as our first read.
Come one come all!
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